Come with us! Discrimination is no alternative.

The CSD slogan 2017

At two meetings, members of the association Hamburg Pride e.V. and further representatives of the Hamburg LGBTQI community formulated the slogan for this year’s Christopher Street Day.
The campaign is currently being worked on and will be presented here in spring.


165.000 participants at the 36th Hamburg Pride Parade

Around 50 trucks, cars and groups joined the Parade

165.000 people participated this years Hamburg Pride Parade under the motto „normal is, to respect people“. About 150.000 people accompanied the attendees on their walk through Hamburg downtown. Numerous politicans lead the parade, ahead Hamburgs senator for social affairs, Dr. Melanie Leonhard, the second major, Katharina Fegebank and parliamentary party leader Andreas Dressel (SPD) and Katja Suding (FDP) as well as Johannes Kahrs (member of German parliament, SPD).


HAMBURG PRIDE Highlights are online now

Find everything from Pride Night to Pride Parade

From now on you will find all dates and highlights of the HAMBURG PRIDE on our homepage: Whether Pride Night artists, Pride House agenda or Pride Parade route - on the following pages you can find everything you need to now for the Pride Week from 30th July to 7th August 2016!


Normal is, to respect people

Slogan for HAMBURG PRIDE 2016

The slogan was elaborated together with members of Hamburg Pride e.V. as well with representatives of the community. A known advertising agency from Hamburg is aready working on the campaign, which we will present in May 2016!

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Record number of visitors in 2015

Approximately 180.000 participates the 35th Hamburg Pride Parade

Beside around 15.000 participants, about 165.000 people accompanied the Pride Parade through the downtown of Hamburg. The Parade was lead by this years patroness, Hamburgs second mayor and senator for science, research and equality, Katharina Fegebank as well as the managing committee of Hamburg Pride.

About 50 floats, cars and groups on foot started in the district of St. Georg and walked in the direction of downtown under this years campaign slogan "Acceptance is ready for school: Put sexual diversity on the timetable!".

The number of visitors did also increase on the street festival, which took place from Friday to Sunday at Jungfernstieg and Ballindamm.

Next years pride week will take place from the 30rd of July until 7th of August. The Pride Parade will happen on Saturday, the 6th of August.

You can find all pics of this years Hamburg Pride here...

Hamburg Pride campaign 2015

Acceptance is ready for school

This years campaign slogan "Acceptance is ready for school – Put sexual diversity on the timetable!" (in German: "Akzeptanz ist schulreif: Sexuelle Vielfalt auf den Stundenplan") puts the focus on sex education as well as the enlightenment in schools. 

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Save the date: Hamburg pride 2015

24 July - 2 August 2015

In the time from 24 July until 2 August 2015 we are going to celebrate the PRIDE WEEK in Hamburg with a lot of cultural and political events. Each year’s highlight is the PRIDE PARADE which will take place on 1  August in 2015 surrounded by unique street festival around the Binnen-Alster (close to the town hall) from 31 July until 2 August. And last but not least: 2015 we will celebrate the 35th birthday of the HAMBURG PRIDE. Another good reason to join us!


General program in 2015

Pride Week: 24 July - 2 August
Pride Night: 25 July
Pride House: 26 July - 30 July
Street Festival: 31 July - 2 August
Electro Pride: 31 July
Parade: 1 August
Closing Party: 1 August

Attendance record at 34th Hamburg Pride

Approximately 165,000 people came to attend the Hamburg Pride Parade 2014

Last weekend Hamburg’s Police confirmed the new attendance record: In addition to around 15,000 participants, approximately 150,000 spectators attended the Parade throughout the city center of Hamburg. Many politicians, especially Hamburg’s Senator for Justice and Equality, Jana Schiedeck and patron Olivia Jones, lead the HAMBURG PRIDE PARADE.

49 trucks, cars, motorcycles and groups of walking participants started the parade from the region St. Georg to head out through Hamburg’s city centre . According to the motto: PRIDE WITHOUT BORDERS – IN HAMBURG AND WORLDWIDE the participants demonstrated for equal rights and social acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people – in Hamburg, Germany and worldwide.

You can find all pictures of the parade and the street festival at Jungfernstieg and Ballindamm in our gallery!

Pride without borders - In Hamburg and worldwide!

Hamburg Pride 2014: 25 July to 3 August

Hamburg Pride e.V. is proud to present the campaign theme of the HAMBURG PRIDE Festival and Parade 2014. Back in October 2013, members of the Hamburg Pride e.V. and other representatives of the Hamburg LGBTI community came together to develop the motto for the 2014 Pride Festival: GRENZENLOS STOLZ STATT AUSGEGRENZT – In Hamburg und weltweit (PRIDE WITHOUT BORDERS - In Hamburg and Worldwide).
The Hamburg advertising agency Deepblue Networks has generously created a striking visual for the campaign.

Find all information about this years HAMBURG PRIDE and our campaign on the following pages!


Demonstration on 31 August in Berlin

In June 2013 the Russian government under president Putin passed a new law which discriminates against homosexuals, transsexuals and intersexuals. The societal situation for these groups has become intolerable, even life threatening.

That’s why we’ve decided to speak out against this injustice. Please help us fight for the abolition of this discriminating law!

Find all information about the demonstration here...

Russian "Side by Side" LGBT Film Festival needs your help

Guilty and Fined 12,500 Euros for Violating “Foreign Agents” Law, Russia

On 6 June, 2013, Saint Petersburg, Russia Magistrates Court Judge Oleg Camaldinov took a mere 10 minutes of ‘deliberation’ to declare Side by Side LGBT Film Festival guilty for not registering as a ‘foreign agent’. The judge, even after defence lawyers had presented 4 hours of solid and incontrovertible argument, was not to be persuaded opting to side with the local public prosecutor who produced flimsy and insubstantial evidence against the festival. The organization faces a fine of 12,500 Euros.

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130.000 people took part in pride parade

33. pride parade in Hamburg

About 130.000 LGBTI and friends demonstrated under the motto "Majority For Diversity: You´ve Got The Choice!" at our 33. PRIDE PARADE in Hamburg. 

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Just a few days to go!

27 July to 4 August 2013

Find all information for our PRIDE PARADE, STREET FESTIVAL, PARTIES and STAGE ARTISTS on the following pages!

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Hamburg Pride 2013: 27 July to 4 August

Majority For Diversity: You´ve Got The Choice!

Members of Hamburg Pride e.V. and other LGBTI-groups developed the motto for Hamburg´s Gay Pride 2013: "Majority For Diversity: You´ve Got The Choice!". Due to the federal election which will take place in September 2013, the motto will place our claims on the political agenda again.

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This was Hamburg Pride 2012

120.000 people were at the parade

Official statements of the police say that 120.000 people took part in the parade of the 32. Hamburg Pride on 4 August - as many as never before. 10.000 participants and 110.000 spectators as well as a lot of politicians were demonstrating in the City Centre of Hamburg. The parade was more than two kilometres long and took place under the motto "Marriage 2.0 - After the Obligations now the Rights!". Hamburg Pride e.V. was calling upon the rights for same-sex marriage.
300.000 people were dancing and partying at Ballindamm and Jungfernstieg during the three-day street festival.

Please find the pictures here...

Hamburg Pride 2012 – 28 July to 5 August

Marriage 2.0 - After the Obligations now the Rights!

Under the motto „Marriage 2.0 - After the Obligations now the Rights!” our campaign for Hamburg Pride 2012 starts now. We are calling upon the rights for same-sex marriage. First Chairman, Dr Lars Peters: „ The so-called Same-Sex Partnership is a shrouded empty notion covering that homosexual couples are still being discriminated. Differences exist for example in the laws about adoption and in income tax rights. The injustice needs to be finally laid to rest." The Motto and the principal claim had been developed by the end of 2011 by a 30-head committee.

Please find here all further information.