Hamburg Pride e.V.

Everything about Hamburg Pride

The association Hamburg Pride was founded in 2003 and is since 2010 recognised as a non-profit making association. Their goal is to dissipate the existing pre-judgements and discrimination against Lesbians, Gays, Bi-, Trans or Intersexuals and to support the full rights of same-sex groups in every aspect of life.

In order to make this goal possible, Hamburg Pride e.V. has a certain amount of intentional leverage in the cultural, political, economical and business life. The main activities of the association are the planning, organisation and implementation of all kinds of events, especially for the yearly Christopher Street Day in Hamburg. In addition to that Hamburg Pride will work together with associations with the same goals from here and abroad and other international organisations.

The common goals of the association are substantiated through the particular motto and requirements of the yearly Christopher Street Day. What belongs to those requirements are the full legal rights and registration of same sex marriage, especially tax and pension rights, the same validity applies to adoption rights for civil union homosexuals  just like married couples, Education and tolerance.The work of Hamburg Pride e.V. can be supported ideally, financially  or by a membership in our association.

The association has 484 members (30.01.2017)